Golden West Cycle - Took Care Of Me!

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I placed an order online at Golden West back in Sept 2008.I ordered the wrong item without knowing it, the sales person at GWC emailed me the next day because it looked wrong to him also.

I had ordered a Oneal Race Kit which included Pants/Jersey/Gloves.The sizes I ordered did not match up(xxl jersey with 28 pants)MY MISTAKE!The extra 5 min he spent on my order saved me time and money on something that I did wrong...I have since placed 3 more additional orders and am very pleased with prices and delivery.

Review about: Online Order.



This person who placed this alleged "review" here is a friend of Juan Gregary who told him to make some kind of good-hearted story in return for a "favor" which is most likely a discount. I've heard this first-hard since Quad300 lives near me and we run in the same circles. Nice try, Juan !!!

to Not a real story... liken this Castro Valley, California, United States #630196

We dont ask customers or friends to leave good remarks for us, If we did there would be alot more than just 1. I just seen this after almost a year so that shows you how much I search this stuff.

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